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Personal Protective Equipment – PPE for the UK for businesses and organisations countrywide.

Focused on helping businesses keep staff safe and in work, we pride ourselves on our ability to source and supply high-grade, cost-effective Personal Protective Equipment at a pace to help prevent the spread of contagious and life-threatening bacteria and viruses, like COVID-19.

Working closely with corporations of varying sizes, we understand the fragile balance business leaders have to strike between protecting their workforce and maintaining business operations and customer service delivery. As a result, PPE for the UK boasts a team of in-house experts on hand to offer guidance and advice for both the type and volumes of Personal Protective Equipment you will need to keep your staff safe and in work.

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Personal Protective Equipment

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Personal Protective Equipment

Blog Posts

Face MasksPPE

Using a Face Mask Correctly

Wearing a face mask often helps people feel protected and reassured. But can a surgical face mask keep you from being exposed to or transmitting certain infectious diseases? And, if face masks do shield you from infectious diseases, such as COVID-19,…
December 9, 2020
Hand SanitiserPPE

Does Hand Sanitiser Work?

Having looked critically at the research that has come out, I can say yes, it really works. It works exceedingly well for most bacteria and viruses. It reduces the skin burden of bacteria much more effectively than soap and water…
November 9, 2020
Face MasksPPE

What is an N95 Respirator?

N95 respirators are form-fitted to the size and shape of your face. Because they fit your face more snugly, there’s less opportunity for airborne particles to leak in around the sides of the mask. N95s can also filtrate small airborne particles…
July 9, 2020